I just had a conversation with Phil and I will make a post in order to put down all my thoughts so that I can remember them.

I will be doing a Medusa character design in the style of Steam Punk. The final time based media will be a very subtle animation wherein she is introduced as this beautiful, yet powerful and strong woman. This will very much be an almost still illustration, wherin the animations are extremely subtle. It will be dark and there will be suggestions of what is in the background.

I am currently thinking of having the camera start with her face framed, and slowly pan out, she could be blinking or what ever, but hardly moving, it pans out and you see her upper torso, and then her legs. She will be sitting on something that is unclear, but as it pans out more lights will brighten a little, and you can see something writhing beneath her. The good thing is, I can be storyboarding these ideas whilst producing character designs and sketches.

The idea of this Medusa is that the snakes will be symbolised by the use of metal type tentacles that are powered by steam. Her legs aren't used and instead she has some mechanic tentacle / snake like legs, along with some form of head dress, or implanted directly into her head, tentacle type robotics that represent the snakes.

Whilst I research more into Medusa, the Victorian era, steam punk etc, I shall also be pushing along the technical aspects I shall need. Learning to produce really good theatrical lighting, learning to produce the textures and shaders I will need, and how to rig and animate the robotic tentacles are all things I will need to be researching and experimenting right away.


tutorphil said...

Okay - just some stuff...

Check out Klimt's depiction of women, especially...

Sigourney Weaver as Ripley in Alien Resurrection

Tilda Swinton as Gabriel in Constantine

(and as Jada in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe).

Black taffeta!

Also - check out the illustrations by Aubrey Beardsley - particularly 'Salome'

Jon Stewart said...

Oh wow, I've been checking out Ripley and such already. But that dress is amazing, would be so fun to make something like that! :D

Thanks for those Phil, you're too good to me! :D

Are you at uni tomorrow? I'll be in.

tutorphil said...

Hey Jonny,

Further to our discussion today - a final word. I know you're scared of drawing and I know you're procrastinating - but you have to stop. You have to turn into the wind and push much harder if you're going to accomplish something special - the sort of work to give you more confidence in terms of design and your own creativity. I expect to see some different, interesting work next week - I don't care if you don't like it, or are incomfortable with the 'quality' of what you produce - you're not trying to win, Jonny, you're trying to grow - it's different.

Meanwhile, I need you to complete the online National Student Survey. It won’t take much of your time – promise - but it is really important that you take the time to consider your responses to its questions carefully. This is not a casual questionnaire – nor is it conducted by UCA – and your aim should be to be fair and constructive.

Entering its sixth year, the NSS is a census of students in the final year of a course leading to undergraduate credits or qualifications across the UK.
It is your opportunity to give your opinions on what you liked about your time here - as well as things that you felt could have been improved.
Your feedback is used to compile year on year comparative data that is:
A) published on where prospective students and their advisors can use the results to help make informed choices of where and what to study.

B) useful to your university, students’ union or college to facilitate best practice and enhance the student learning experience.

You and your answers remain anonymous at all times and your contact details are only used for the purpose of the survey.

Could I ask you to email me at to confirm that you’ve completed the NSS – we need 100% completion from you guys for the stats to be properly representative. Just drop me a line to say you’re done and dusted. If you could complete the survey today/tomorrow, I’d appreciate it as I’m being nagged terribly by the powers-that-be!



Jon Stewart said...

Thanks Phil :)

I've been doing some drawing, and actually enjoying it again! I will produce some more today and get them scanned for you to see. I have a few ideas I really want to get drawn down for your opinions.

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