Rules of Character Design

I've looked around at multiple 'character design rules' and tutorials, and i believe I have summed it up into four rules that I must fulfill.

- Environment (the characters environment will lend it's self to the characters design. A character that lives in a dark cave would want something in it's design that would help deal with that. A character that lives in a dangerous environment would want a design that would help it to deal with that too. It's fairly simple, but very important for believable characters.

- History (the characters back story is very important. You have to imagine that the character you're designing/drawing lived before you drew it. The history will lend it's self further into the design.

- Anatomy (anatomy is very important for the production of characters. Of course, human anatomy reference is every where, so this isn't a problem)

- Art Direction (this too is important. But thankfully the time period that you set your character in will always lend it's self to that.)

That being said, I was thinking of remaking Medusa in my own vision, as to be honest, i've never seen a medusa design that I liked or thought was worthy of Medusa. However, I want to put a dark evil twist on her, to make her as bad ass as ever. The idea was something gothic, or even cyber/steam punk. But i'm not sure this fits, the era that Medusa was in, which was during ancient Greece, doesn't lend it's self well to this. Of course, it's down to me to decide whether that matters or not. I'll be at Uni today to see Alan, and hopefully Phil will be there too, about it.

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