So my last post briefly mentioned my plans to produce Medusa, it was more aimed at the final product. This post will detail what I have been doing, and where I plan to go with this design.

So, I am producing my own take on Medusa. I have to pick a style with which I want to produce her in. I am currently deciding between Steam Punk, or Cyber Punk. Of course, this is subject to change, as my drawings and reading lead me to other places.

Whilst I think there is a lot more research material and inspiration out there with Steam Punk, I still believe that Cyber punk would be the way to go with this. Because I imagine her snakes being replaced instead by metal tentacles of some sort. I imagine these as being a shiny metal, which would come with Cyber. Though if I chose Steam Punk I would instantly be in an era (victorian) which I can use to base my studies and designs around. The problem is, I'm not even sure these two are even appropriate at all, and so I am saving judgement untill I have sketched a lot and tested them.

I have slowly become distant from drawing, becoming more and more fearful of even doing it. I got to the point where I could no longer progress, and everything I drew was pretty aweful, and so instead of embracing and going against it head on and breaking through, I avoided it like the plague. So the past week for me was a constant battle against myself to try and draw, whilst the other part of me wanted to procrastinate and just browse wikipedia. Looking at Steam punk, thinking this was a good way to go, then looking at Cyber punk, and changing my mind, and vice versa. The problem is, if I had continued with this, I would never have gotten any where with either of them.

That being said, the past couple of days have been about drawing, forcing myself to push past this irrational fear that I had developed myself. It sounds pathetic, but it is the case. (Thanks Phil for helping me out here) So what can I say? I've been really enjoying drawing again. For the most part, my drawings haven't been so much about this project, but just getting back into it again and being free with it again. Just enjoying what I'm drawing. There have been a few drawings where I have implimented tentacles on the head and what not, but really, nothing that will go into this character design. I would like to share a few drawings that stand out from the rest.

The funny thing is, I could never draw hands before, and now here I am, able to draw hands far better than ever before.

(oh yeah, the top 2 drawings were referenced by Storm in Xmen, but I actually posed Claire from kiiro Blade into a similar pose to draw from - I really love that kind of pose, and it's actually a challenge to draw, which is always a good thing) The hands are referenced by my own hands actually, and the last poses are from Pose maniacs.

Okay, so, Medusa....

I have this idea wherein some of the snakes on her head are huge. When she is walking around the snakes are just in the air, moving randomly. Or the snakes can go to the floor, and lift her up off the ground pretty high. I imagine that when someone unwittingly stumbles into her lair, she would raise herself high, in some sexy bad ass pose, and turn your ass to stone. Before lowering back down and sculking off back into the depths of her dark cave like the crazy bitch she is.

Thoughs and opinions on this would be cool :)

Oh, and here's a drawing I did a few years ago of Medusa, I just dug it up and thought I'd post that here :D

It's not that great, but it's interesting to see what you could do in the College days. At least I can say I have a better knowledge of anatomy than that now. Look at the head shape, I can't believe I never even noticed things like that. Haha.

Oh, and a final note. If anyone knows a good scanner that doesn't make your drawings instantly look like ass, or even have any photoshop tutorials for cleaning up scans, i'd be so grateful. Because scans never do drawings justice, at least not when I'm scanning them.

I'm off to do a bit of shopping,



Tera S said...

I rather like the design of her... I'm curious though at if you would add more serpentine features to her...

Jon Stewart said...

I am thinking of doing so. These sketches are more warmup sketches than anything final :D

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