Character Concept - Further Silhouettes

I did a couple more silhouettes today - Pulled back from the bug aspect quite a bit. Looked up more about snipers and stuff. I feel like she suits the sniper role a lot more now. The characters in this piece are rebels, with military backgrounds. So she has some military apparel as well as things she wants to wear. So a leather jacket, jeans, boots etc combined with military gun holsters and such. I'm throwing myself challenging but visually interesting things. For example I want to produce Denim Jeans on this character, with realistic folds in the Normal maps & Dirt textures on the knees and things.

Here are the silhouettes, I feel I have an idea of where I'm going. The bottom two Right will come together to form a character design. That's what I'm going to produce next.

I have established some rules for this character.

20,000 polygons with a high resolution sculpt that will form normal maps for it. This will be my first time doing this, so I hope it doesn't interfere with my vision for this character. I expect it to be tough, we'll see.

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