Character Concept - Silhouettes

Finally getting the hang of painting silhouettes for a character design. Character design is all about interesting shapes, and painting in silhouette is the best way to tackle that. Here are some now for a project myself, Pol Winandy and James Garner have begun. More on that later.

For the mean time, this character is a girl, whose job is to be at range and snipe out her prey. She is wearing armour that she has fashioned herself, and even some of her prey. Which she uses for camoflauge.

More to come as I try and explore the various posibilities of this character. Exciting. Also, a new blog for you all to add will be popping up at some point too.



JOLANTA said...

This is looking so promising :) And the presentation of the sheet looks as if its straight from the making of book, very professional

Simon (calamity) Holland said...

Hi Jon, guy 5 on that viral chat roulette video performs an almost perfect Postings eyebrow. Great concepts as well looks like you got a bit of a bug thing going on there.

Jon Stewart said...

Haha Simon!

Yeah, a bit of a bug fetish here. >_<

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