Beretta Model WiP

I decided to do some modelling today, but I just wanted to do something small to warm myself back up again. It's been 6 weeks since I modelled anything. I decided to model a Beretta after seeing one on TV. Here's where I am so far.


Simon Watts said...

Looking good man. I really need to learn how to poly-budget like this.

How long have you been modelling for?

Jon Stewart said...

Been modelling properly. By that I mean, actually giving a damn and studying Modelling for nearly Two years.

Jon Stewart said...

Also, the method to poly budgeting is quite simple (unless you have a strict limit to how many polygons you can use) and that is this. Make sure every Vertex is doing something to define the shape. If it's not doing anything, you can remove it.

This one is still Work in progress. There are still Polygon cut backs I can and will make once I start defining shape in more areas.

tutorphil said...

Okay - so you're the guy who can model anything... let's see what you're made of: what follows is a list of randoms, your mission to model them asap...

1) A Nautilus Shell
2) Sputnik
3) A Nepenthes
4) An Astrolabe
5) A Piranha

On your marks, get set.... go! :-)

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