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The New Designers week has come to an end, and I recently got home. We finished yesterday, but we ended up watching the World Cup final at Davids, drinking a fair bit and crashing there. A nice end to an awesome week.

Winning that award was the highlight of my week, and it was so surreal. Such an awesome feeling, and once again, to Phil and Alan, congratulations on that, it was truly deserved and thanks! :)

I spent more money than I've ever spent in a week before, had a small amount of sleep and ate even less. In fact, I probably drank more alcohol than water. But I had a cracking time, and I just wanted to thank Phil, Alan, Heather, Dave and Jag. Couldn't have picked a better crowd to spend a week with.

We were talking about getting together to do a collaboration, I know a lot of these things end up being 'just talk'. But let's not allow this one to be that, and after a short break from the previous week, let's get cracking with some sort of project that we can use for the 'One Year On' stand next year, and Dave, move your arse down to Kent!

Anyway, going to rest, looking forward to Graduation & drinking those bottles of Champagne. :D:D


tutorphil said...

Hey Jonny :-)

Hope you've recovered now... glad you had a great time.

This is a shout-out for some DVD promotional stuff as discussed; remember we discussed you putting together a really comprehensive 'making of' for the purposes of creating a slideshow to accompany the Medusa film on the DVD... it can just be a chronological series of jpeg files charting Medusa's journey from pencil sketches to final image, via all the Maya stuff etc - also, for DVD Studio pro, compatible film files need to be Quicktime or Divx; in the past, Alan has had to convert and sometimes quality is lost; is it possible to create a .mov version of your new Medusa film for me?

Sorry to make you the messenger boy, but could you ask Heather and James to supply their new edits as .mov files too; also, Heather was going to screen-capture her book pages for a DVD slideshow; could you prompt for me?

And finally, I'd like to create a New Designers slideshow for the DVD too, so would it possible for you guys to gather together all your photos of the stand and of the exhibition etc and supply? I know that Dave took some really nice ones. If you could get all this stuff together for the 20th (graduation), I'd be very grateful.

Oh yeah - could ask James to provide .mov version of his HP Lovecraft re-edit too?


Jon Stewart said...

Hi Phil, I'm meeting Heather and Jag tomorrow to go out for the day to buy frames for our photos and stuff. So I can inform them then.

I have quite a few photos too, as well as Heather, so that's no problem. We can do that.

I'll try and get the Medusa stuff together before graduation for you, and I can provide a .mov file.

Hope you're all recovered now too :D
I have been doing some modelling today.

tutorphil said...

cheers jonny - much appreciated :-) (I know you must be sick of Medusa stuff now - nearly done!).

JAG said...

This post is well cute Jonny :)
Must say I had a savage time with you lot, it rinsed a tone of money but was more than worth it, wednesday will definatly stand out in my memory tho!
I think we should be VIP's more often!

.mov ehh I could give that a go.
I'll see if i can drop them off sometime this week ;)
Cya soon

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