Modelling challenge - Accepted

So Phil, you've challenged me to a model off have you? Without the addition of you modelling anything too. Never mind, challenge accepted! I'll make a start on these objects today.

You want me to model :

1) A Nautilus Shell
2) Sputnik
3) A Nepenthes
4) An Astrolabe
5) A Piranha

Let's see what I can do.


tutorphil said...

I'll buy you booze on the 20th... :-) and when I say 'piranha' I'm talking 'anatomically correct' piranha! Not like these cg puppies coming to a cinema near you soon in eye-popping 3D...

Jon Stewart said...

Haha Phil. You already bought me plenty of booze last week! Can't be good for your bank account!

As for the Piranha. I was planning something quite stylized. Should be interesting considering I'm quite shit at anything bar realism!

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