Head Model Update

I made a few changes to the head model that I wanted to do. Tomorrow I will be making her facial expression.


Dave said...

Hey, really liking the model, the costume designs coming on really well, as always. Just a few niggles i've spotted. The folds of skin under those metal claws on the forehead, great idea, but I'd think about bringing the central three claws down to justify the folds being further down the forehead, either that or make the folds more uniform. Although the costume design is really good, I would consider putting some frills on the sleeves, something along the same lines as what you've done with the collar. Finally, that ebony bracelet is looking very tribal and is not really ringing true to the age, you want something more ornate and jewel incrusted, but i'm sure you havent finished it yet. One last thing, try and get some pupils and eyebrows on her, doesn't have to be anything to final, its just I know how important it is to you to make this character alluring and its hard for anyone to see how beuatiful a face is without these features. Just give yourself an idea of how she's looking, it should help you to see how effective the face is. Theres my feedback, but on he whole I think your really on the way to making something pretty stunning.

Dave said...

'Too' final, DAMN IT! Theres always something that slips through.

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