Fast Skin + Eye lash test

I recycled an old skin texture and set up a fast skin shader for it. Made some quick eye lashes etc, just to test some things on the head model. It's still not quite there yet. But the renders not too bad.
I seem to have overworked this head model. There's a previous version I prefer much more, I'll probably roll back to that one.


Lev said...


Thanks for replying to the p[ost on yhe official blogg. Sorry about not replying though as about 10 minutes after I created the post, Alan walked in and so I asked him.

Model is looking great, but I have to agree with what Dave sugeasted and say that maybe you should consider putting some frills on the end of the sleeves. :)

JAG said...

Mate that looks epic!
But thought I'd give you a touch of constructive criticism ;)
Looks pretty much perfect but the mouth seems a tad to wide and the bridge of the nose seems ever so slightly to skinny.
I've just done a little photoshop to show you what I mean so I'll send it over MSN ;)
Keep it up man!

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