Fao Alan - Global Illumination Faking (Mid Tone Lights)

Been setting up a GI faking light rig. I followed what you said, however the intensity of my lights are 0.050 whereas yours were 0.005. I have used Linear decay too. I just find it weird that it's the same scene, same amount of lights, but I'm having to use much more higher intensities. Can you take a quick look please?


tutorphil said...

sorry - not the comment you were hoping for I know :-( I'm just on 'snake-watch' - and I see you've killed off the sock-puppets and gone for the lamprey-style mouth - great - but are we actually going to see the hypodermic needles - plus the liquid poison inside their chambers?


If she was about to attack, wouldn't the snakes be primed with needles - it would be the equivalent of the snake bearing its fangs, right?

Poor jonny - death-by-feedback!

Jon Stewart said...

It's on the to-do list Phil. First I have to tackle these lighting issues, and the fact that I really am not happy with the textures in general now, gah!

Alan Postings said...

Hi Jon

Did you use duplicate special when creating ALL the extra lights? Have you selected each light and checked that they all have same settings in the Attribute Editor? A common mistake is to rush and not duplicate correctly.

Jon Stewart said...

Yeah, it's all right. It just needs to be a higher intensity for some reason. Shouldn't matter really.

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