Snakes render

Here's a rendered update of the hair.

Also, I have to say, I can't wait till I have some free time, I really want to experiment more with realism. I plan on creating a bust of a female character over the Summer, with some kind of basic but nicely textured outfit. But the focus will be entirely on as much realism as I can get. I'm excited by it. But first, I want a well earned break from Maya! (I know, thinking ahead when I still have to finish this! but what the hell)


Jordan said...

Wow looks incredible :)

tutorphil said...

Hey Jonny - I don't like the heads of the snakes! I'm sorry :-( They're much improved in terms of their general appearance, but those heads just seem incredibly boxy and 'low budget' - like, you've got all this elegant detailing on her jewellry and dress, and then you get these sock puppet mouths - I suggest they should be more 'bud like' and smaller - and actually, more like lamprey

They should be much more phallic - you've given them jaws, but why do they need big, clunky jaws when they're delivering a hypodermic needle?

You need them to be blind and menacing and sexual - perhaps with mouths that open up like a camera iris before delivering the needle?

Trust me on this, Jonny - lose the sock puppet aesthetic pronto!

Pol Winandy said...

Jon, the fast skin's scale setting is off. The fast skin shader is sensitive to scene scale, that's what makes it look so weird. It's in the shader's attributes here:

misss_fast_skin_maya under the Algorithm control tab > scale conversion. I'm guessing it's on default: 1. Just as reference, in kiiro blade I had it on 30-40 due to the scale of the scene. Play around you'll get more realistic results instantly, and shorter falloffs.

Alan Postings said...

Hi Jon

Out of interest, have you tried putting low intensity blue lights (electric) in the mouth's of the snakes? It could help accent the model

Jon Stewart said...

Jordan - Thanks matey.

Phil - Yeah, I'm in agreement with you. Thanks for the ref, i'll get it sorted.

Silver - Oh my, how could I forget about scale conversion? It's the principle as the nCloth one, which I was going on and on about at the start of Minor! Idiot, thanks.

Alan - Great idea, thanks! I'll be in University soon to set up my lighting whilst pestering you ;]

Alan Postings said...

No problem

Daniel Sperrin said...

I just thought I'd mention this about the whole light in the mouth thing if your doing steam punk, then there wouldn't be electricity what with steam being the power source just thought I'd mention even though I do think that the electricity is a good Idea and would look quite cool, but you don't want to lose the aesthetic that you've built the character around, still they do have it in Bioshock which is steampunk themed so it might be an option.

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