Environment and Lights

I had to get creative with the lights to get the effect I wanted ( some of the lights are connected to one piece of geometry etc. I know I could have done a lot of that in Post, but I decided to save on doing some of it then. Next i'll start reintroducing textures on the character and making sure they are working as I want them too. I'll also sort her facial expression out.

Oh, and please - thoughts on the pose? Any changes I should make? This is urgent, I need to clear the history and when I do the skin will be gone, so further changes can not be made.

Edit - Update to Texture Reintroduction.

Edit 2 - Further update on texture. By the way, I've said it before, but I LOVE Fast skin shader. Those ears.. look at those ears.


BaZe said...
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BaZe said...

Hey there. I have a few comments but do take them with a pinch of salt, cause my opinions may not be on par with the actual direction that you and the tutors have discussed about. Hard to get the whole idea of the project by reading a few posts every now and then ;)

Angel; Not a big fan of the vertical canvas. It makes me feel really limited to what I am aloud to see, and as if I'm looking in through a door (Not really inviting me into the shot). A wider shot, even with a lot of black would let my eyes wander a bit more and not feel as packed.

The image also feels a tad flat. You might wanna mess about with focal lengths a bit to make it feel a bit more... 3D, and maybe move the camera closer to Medusa's if the angel is wider. Make it feel like the viewer is actually taking part in your shot, not only a viewer watching a nicely modeled character.

Environment; Not sure about the current scene. I preferred your earlier "mausoleum" wall. Don't really get while a majestic creature like Medusa would be hiding away in Killer Crocs sewer hideout. Even if she herself has a mechanical design. I know your low on time but perhaps incorporate the same aesthetics into a more majestic surrounding... just a thought.

Snakes; I'm liking them. The only thing is that the light face vs. dark snakes and background make her seem really bald. Also, a problem when skinning bendy snakes, which I'm currently doing a lot of at work as of late (zZz..), is that they tend to get a few weird bumps in them when bending a lot and not a smooth curve. Once you have them in the right position you might wanna go in by hand just before the final render and tweak them to get them flowing better.

Also be careful with you're enthusiasm for the skin shader as she doesn't actually have any direct light-source behind her that would make the ears that illuminated. She looks a bit like she could use ear-warmers right now :0)

That being said, your project is looking more awesome by the day! Very nice work.

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