19th May Progress

Every evening I will post progress from the day. I have to be organised and focused during crunch time. It will be the difference between failing and success. I've been feeling nervous about managing on time, but I've been preaching optimism to people recently, and I feel like a hypocrit. So I'm pushing it to the back of my mind, I WILL manage!

Today I did:

-Layed out UV's (The majority is done now.
-Sat here for most of the day trying to work out the head UV problem. Only to realise I had to reskin and relay out the UVs for it. Major waste of time, very gutted by it.
Above is the render of where I am. I actually tweaked the Fast skin shader, and it was aweful. It really took me a long time to get it back to this level. Fast Skin shader is very sensitive, and tough to get right. Below are my Fast skin settings for the above head model.
Below shows that I have layed out all the UV's. Not that i need to prove it, but yeah. The head and arms are black and red respectively because that's how Fast skin Shader displays in the port view. I've not worked out the connection to the colours. I'm usually very quick at finding ways of making my pipeline fast, so I'm going to explain how I managed to work with laying out UV's with my fast skin shader. Of course I had my face texture on the shader, but it was being displayed as Black in the port view, so I couldn't see how the texture was looking whilst laying out UV's. I simply opened Hypershade, made a lambert node, and middle mouse clicked the diffuse texture file into the colour of the lambert node. I applied the lambert to the head model whilst laying out the UV's in order to see it updating on the model. I then reapplied the fast skin shader at render time.

Tomorrow I want to achieve :

- Modelling the snakes ( I wanted to do this today, but as I previously mentioned, things went wrong that I had to fix!)
- Modelling sleeves (Yes I've not done this yet, I'm scared of it, thus I'm avoiding it. Naughty naughty.)
- More texturing.

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