19th May Progress 02

Here we go again. It's crunch time, and I can't allow myself to sleep without pushing myself to the absolute limits. I've worked like a trooper today. I was planning to get some sleep earlier and wake up early, but I couldn't let myself without having to achieved more today. Whilst I've worked a lot of hours (14 hours to be exact), I havn't achieved much in terms of visual progress because of some stupid problems. So I decided to stick the kettle on, drink some coffee (I feel rough now, Monster Energy drinks and Coffee really does you in!) and do some more texturing. Here's a further update.

I textured this box. I think I'm not happy with the redish copper texture, It needs further work. I moved it up next to her head for the purposes of this render because my light setup doesn't work lower down and I couldn't be bothered to set up more lights.

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