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I've been lazy this week... There I said it. Well actually, I've not been lazy per-se, I've just neglected my work in order to do some other things. Mostly though, I have been helping a worried David from the first year get to grips with Maya. This combined with getting Pizzas with Tod, or going out to play pool, well let's just say this week hasn't been the most constructive.

On that note, I've realised how much I enjoy teaching people things. I have a knack, it seems, of conveying information in a way that just makes sense. At least so people say. So that's something I'd be interested in trying out some day.

I have such an addictive personality, I even get addicted to being sociable, or just plain being lazy. Just like right now I'm sitting here drinking a bottle of Lucozade Sport Tropical; my latest beverage addiction. Brilliant.

The reason I say this is simple, I forgot to post regarding the meeting I had with Alan on Tuesday. I like to post and write about these meetings for one simple reason, it gives me chance to reflect back on what was discussed, but also it means I can remember what was said. But I didn't get chance too until now, and so I've probably forgotten some things. But I shall try and get everything down that I can.

I explained everything to Alan that I mentioned in the aforementioned post regarding what my problems were that were stopping me advancing with this project. Alan definately agreed that the logic was indeed what was missing. He spotted a gem in there, the potential for a great final image. This gem is 'the cursing' of Medusa. The moment where she goes from this beautiful attractive woman, to a mangled woman with snakes for hair. Though as I had established, her face was still attractive, just if you looked at it you would become stone. ;-]

Alan suggested that I base this project, the final result, on the cursing. Specifically the cursing of Medusa in the 19th century steampunk universe. This is interesting to me, instantly I imagine some kind of Laboratory/workshop where Medusa is restrained and unconcious perhaps, whilst machines work away at her. Some crazy scientist conducting experiments.

Here's a brief overview of the Medusa 19th century tale as it stands:

Medusa is a young nurse and is raped by a Patriarchal (A man who has, or believes he has authority over women and children) doctor, whom specializes in Hydrotherapy (A link to Posiden, whom this doctor is representing in this modern tale). He is very violent and criples her in the process. She is then taken by a crazy scientist to his lab wherin he experiments on her and attaches mechanizms to her in order to test out his inventions of 19th century prosphetic limbs. He pipes a toxin through her spine and out of her neck into tentacles attached to her head, with teeth on the end that bite its prey, emiting a paralyzing toxin that paralyzes them.

Of course, it needs work. The idea here is that the doctor abuses her so badly that he effectively leaves her for dead, but she is saved (not heroicly) by this scientist so that he can try out his inventions on her. Of course, she ends up waking up, very pissed and wants revenge on every man for what has happened.

There's a real money shot to be had here though. The shot where she gets cursed could be a really nice one. The proposal for the final piece is an obvious one. I want to produce a still render that is reminiscent of the Digital Art Masters pieces. Here is an example below :

So I would say that my final piece would be a professional, well documented piece such as this. That explains some of the techniques and processes used, as well as wireframes, models, and textures etc.

Though I would really love to produce a short time based piece as well to go along with this. It's certainly worth investing some more thought into.

Thoughts? Opinions?

Time for me to go get motivated and start churning out some work!

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