Legs Update / FML

What a shit day it has been today. I just couldn't seem to put pencil to paper without it looking like a two year old had just sat there scribbling the page whilst going 'lalalalala.' Depressing stuff.

Actually, the problem I was having was with designing this machinery for her legs. I mean, where do you begin to design this stuff? Without the knowledge of engineering, it's so difficult to do. At best I'm placing random cogs around to try and make it look 'cool.' *sigh*

I'm feeling quite crappy these past days, once again I am faced with a barrier in my head that will not let me get past. I've not had a block like this since mid second year.

I am still trying to resolve how these mechanized snakes (I still don't know what to call these damn things) will fit to her head. Whether it be a helmet, a graft or what, I havn't a clue..

I've been trying to resolve the robotic/machinery/mechanized/god knows what legs today. Here's a drawing that came out of today that doesn't look like ass...

Also, here are some machinery drawings.

I feel very frustrated these days, and without sounding like a hypochondriac I'm sure that there is something wrong with me. I just feel overwhelmed and defeated all the time, I get the odd moment of brief excitedness when some truly good thought or idea for this project comes up, and then suddenly that is buried deep in my head when I start thinking of everything that is wrong with the idea. I have plans for the final piece of this project, a time based piece, but none of that can go any where untill I get this character design done. Resolving things like the head snakes and such in a logical realistic of the period manner is extremely difficult. I know I'm sounding like a track record here, but I have to say something, It's beyond me how I'm going to figure this stuff out. I just have no idea. I have so many drawings here that are just absolutely shit, where I start drawing them and then midway it's just obvious it's a pathetic idea.

All I can think in my head right now is that I really need to be producing this thing now, time is running out, the sad thing is that before I can do that I need to resolve the things that are causing me so much grief. But why are they causing me so much grief? What the hell is stopping me from just fixing them. I think I'm screwed..

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