Nurse Medusa

Here's a drawing I did of Nurse Medusa.
I really like the idea of her being a withered woman whom needs mechanisms around her body to hold her together. I still need to do way more research on how these snakes will attach to her head. This drawing was all from my mind. I heard that you should first make a drawing/design all from your head. Then you should find things that are similar to parts of that design, ie. the snakes rooted to the head, and then make detailed studies of those. In order to understand them. You then produce a final drawing applying what you have learnt. Doing these studies and drawing an image totally from imagination is near impossible.

For example, when I used to want to use a specific pose. I would find it, and draw it directly into my design. When really you ought to draw multiple drawings from that pose, understand it, and then do your design after you understand the pose. This way your imagination and sub concious is allowed to come out and play, instead of you sitting there getting so bogged down with the pose at the same time. It also stops you being influenced by anything in the reference.


tutorphil said...

I LOVED the apparatus under the flowing black dress idea from an earlier post.... just saying!

Jon Stewart said...

This one?

Yes I love this idea also. I'm just checking out other avenues :D

Jon Stewart said...

You mentioned in a previous post about thinking through drawing.

This is evident in the image I posted here because I've drawn a marilyn monroe type pose in order to show how these straps and such go all the way up her legs.

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