wind chime

We have been thinking more about the final product, and we really want the moment when they stand in front of the Kiiro blade to be an epic moment. We decided that things like a really nice wind chime in the background combined with a crecendo of drums and such will be really fitting for that moment, and so I made a wind chime.

I have also layed out all of the UV's for the building, finalized the building, and put in the support beams/struts under the building, for realism sake. This took some time, I wanted it to be realistic, but aesthetically pleasing, I think I have managed that.
I just threw a quick redish texture on there. I'm tired, so I think I will stop for today.


tutorphil said...

Hey Jonny - you're project blog has just gone live...

keep it professional and sexy as hell!

Jon Stewart said...

Woooa, that's amazing. Thanks Phil! Wow, we need to step it up a notch now (A)

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