Japanese (female) Eyes, Nose and Mouth drawings

I want my character to be very realistic. I want people to look at it and say "that character is a young Japanese girl in her teens." So I have been studying their facial features quite a lot. What I have noticed is how different the Japanese features are to ours.

^ Take this image for example. The inner corners of asians eyes have a pinch in them that caucasians do not have. This will need to be reflected in my characters modelling. The shape of their eyes are completely different to that of our own. Also, at the edges of the mouth is a weird 'pinch' that we don't tend too show. They also tend to have smaller 'cuter' noses, less 'dominant' than ours. All of these things are important touches to make my character look asian, which is what I want. There is a lot of theory behind these, Easteners read faces in a different manner then us, and so that's why their features are a bit different. I still have more reading to do on this and so I won't delve into it too much right now, instead, here are some drawings of features!

I hope it really shows how much I am trying to push my drawings nowadays. I spent so long on these drawings it's unreal. I really want to get better!


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