Japanese (female) Eye modelling / topology

I decided today to practice modelling a Japanese Eye. What I quickly found was how different the topology really is to a caucasion eye. That little crease in the corner throws the whole flow out entirely, and it really makes it tough to reroute. I think I have made a good effort here, it looks okay but there is room for improvement. The Iris colors aren't accurate however, as Japanese people tend to have more brown coloured Iris', at least in most cases. But it's important to state that it wasn't my intention with this model to get that right, I just wanted to see if I could get the correct topology.

Below is a basic locator setup so I can aim the eyes seperately, or use the middle locator to aim both together. The middle locator can be constrained to an object thats animated to move around and the eyes will automatically look towards that object.

Below is a close up of the actual eyeball. For the Pupil I just extruded into the sphere and textured it black. For the Iris I have just flatened that part of the sphere and textured it. Also, I made a new object covering that, that has a "phong" shader attached to it that is transparent for the lens. So when I render it I get that shine that eyes have.
Below is a screen shot that I've drawn over marking out the edge flow. I've read and noted many times in 'professional' models, that the eyes aren't circular loops, infact they are a 'swirl' that are encased by a circle loop around the eyes.

^ As you can see, I've got the swirls in there, that start from the side of the nose. They go around to the tear duct in the corner of the eye, and then inside of that are circle edge loops. The outside of the eyes have the proper circle loop. This is a professional edge flow, and granted, it might be unclean in places, but modelling a Japanese eye is no easy feat, especially when I am not Japanese and don't have much 'visual reference' inside of my head as to how they work. So it will take time to achieve this.


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