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The following are some of my concept art for my character. I've been working on my drawing skills more and more in this project, and these drawings are almost a time lapse as it were of the past couple of weeks. I hope that it shows in these images the progress that I am making with my drawing skills. Thanks for looking.

^ This was one of the first images I drew after Summer. The pose is so incorrect it's not even funny, it seemed I had forgotten what Justin had showed us the previous year!
^ This drawing is a vast impovement already from the first. the proportions feel a lot better, but even still, it is very "sketchy", a problem I suffer with a lot.

^ Experiment with sword straps and placements. I have a lot of these!
^ Another experiment with sword sheafs, and boots/arm guards. Not very detailed on the later stuff, I don't know what I was thinking.. idiot.

^This is a character design I was doing with the weapon sheafs, and a bow at the front to hold it together. But also I just wanted to try a cool pose and stuff. The Katana is waaaaaay too long :( But I think over all it's not a bad sketch.

^And old man! The top one is the initial sketch, this is usually about the place I leave a drawing. But I decided to push it further and really try and practice my line art to give it more of a 'finished' feeling. The second one is me pushing that, and the Third is me trying to replicate a 'light source' with my line work.

^ A painting attempt, not the best, but it's been a while!


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Pol Winandy said...

When scanning a drawing, take it to photoshop, hit CTRL + U to desaturate it, then CTRL + L to enter levels, increase the darkness of the lines by moving the left slider to the right. Don't overdo it though. Hitting CTRL + SHIFT + L estimates an automatic setting, works sometimes.

Good work.

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