Joint blog incoming soon, minor updates here

I shall try and keep my blog updated as often as I can with relevent information regarding what I am contributing toward this project. Myself and Pol had some big discussions the last few days about not only the synopsis (which will be revealed once the joint blog is launched) but also how this project is going to work, and how we can play to our strengths.

Okay, so we have been talking about our strengths. We want to play to our strengths as much as possible. For example I have a good knowledge of edge loop/flows now, and I would hope Pol would trust my opinions on that. As such I will be going with Pols experience on camera angles and editing. However, we both want to play a part in every single aspect of this project, and we both want to use it to better our portfolios and to learn a great deal.

Over the past few days we have been discussing a certain mechanism, a mechanism that will either make or break our project. It's been tough, but we feel we have resolved it in a really nice manner. We have progressed so far. I remember back to the Narrative project, and around Three or so weeks of rewriting the script and synopsis over and over again. In the end it got so messy, and even now I have no idea what that final video was about. I simply can't remember. This is gone, we have become efficient and realising the poor ideas and poor storytelling, moving on from that, and in turn coming up with the good stuff.

There are some big ideas in the works, Pol's uncle and father both play in a large orchestra I believe it is. They play some very ambient music refered too as 'world,' and is influenced by traditional music from around the world. We feel they could really help push our piece to the next level. So we hope that we can work with them over Christmas to really produce a great sound track for it.

I'm quite doubtful about certain abilities of mine currently. I've not got a great deal of experience in character animation, certainly not to Pols' level any way. I need to bridge that gap, and fast, and so I've taken Pol's Transcription character in the hope to practice animating with it. I also intend to add cloth to this character, in order to practice my nCloth with, so that when we start working with that we will be prepared.

So there you have it, I really hope we can get the joint blog launched over the next days, we just need to decide a title for our piece before that can happen. We aim to include in our first post of that blog the following content

- how Pol and I work as a team
- the concept as it started and where it is now
- the synopsis and how we got there
- what technical aspects we need to enhance the film on an atmospherical level
- the corner stones that will make or break the film

I hope these will really shed some light on our work styles, and be an informative read for anyone interested.


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