Scarcity and Abundance Mentality - Which one are you?

So following on from my "Obtaining distant goals through small, easily obtainable ones" I decided to look more into a state of mind that I had heard about a few times in the past. That state of mind is referred too as "Abundance Mentality." It's a state of mind that I thought I could never achieve, ironically that was through my own scarcity mentality.

I've become quite fascinated with this stuff, and it's really quite interesting to see how everyone is walking around with a scarcity mentality, even myself. But part of my aim to overcome my shortcomings, includes changing myself to an abundance mentality. Please read more about it here:

Abundance vs. Scarcity Mentality



camilyn said...


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Nat Urwin said...

Thanks for the link, I didn't even know about this business so I guess i'm Scarcity, now i want to have Abundance, thanks for sharing :)

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