Modelling a Katana and Concept art

Yesterday I spent quite a few hours producing as much concept art for my character as I could. It took me a long time to get back into the flow of things, for some time I couldn't even make anything that looked good or even resembled what I pictured in my head. Seemed I only had to shake off those cobwebs and suddenly I was drawing some nice things again. Now, pictures will be uploaded soon, as soon as I get off my arse and fix my scanner that is.

Any way, I woke up this morning with one goal.. That goal being to model a Katana. I had been watching both Azumi films, The Last Samurai and The Forgotten Kingdom the last couple of days, and I had Katana fever. I simply couldn't not model one any longer. So I jumped on my PC to do so, and found that Pol had had the same ideas. He too had been modelling one, but that didn't stop me, I decided to do one any way! And I'm glad I did, it came out great, I really do love it. Apart from the fact that I've yet to texture it properly, it still renders rather well. So here we go, take a look for yourself.
A few character concepts will be here soon, as I said, I just need to sort my scanner out.

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