~Transcription 6 - Sir Henry Courtney Rigging~

Sunday 25th April
So today was a long one. About 10+ Hours straight in fact. I'm knackered!

Any way, I have completed fully the rig for my character in one day. Not bad going really. I made two in the end, the first one went terribly wrong on the arms. Six hours in and I realise I forgot to freeze transformations on some of the control shapes, rookie mistake!!!
So I ditched the rig, and started again. It was much faster, much more fluid, and everything worked first time this time around. Made it in around 4 hours odd, so pretty quick. Quite happy with myself.

The rig includes Inverse kinematics and forward kinematic blends in both arms, Knee locks on the pole vectors, and controls for every joint in every finger. No squash and stretch because I hate those sooo much I'd rather do without the hassle.All that needs to be said now is,.. Pow!

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