~Transcription 6 - Sir Henry Courtney Skinning~

So my rig was complete apart from the facial rig and certain joints to control things such as Hair and the Sword. I managed to do this, it was a case of just unparenting the joints in the head, and making the extra joints in the chin and then reparenting. I did this whilst skinning my character. It's important to note that I have never tried skinning before, not even in Maya class have I managed to try skinning. So this was hard..

I'm kind of mad at myself..yes, yes again. I get mad at myself a lot. But this time it's because I chose to do two characters. I wish it were just the one, then I could spend the rest of the time tidying up the skin to make it look nicer, producing blend shapes for it, producing full facial controls and then relaying out the shoddy UV's, retexture it, and produce a full set of normal maps for it. Why do I do this stuff to myself? I set myself high standards that I force myself to abide too. As if this project wasn't tough enough as it is. Learning to rig your own character, skin it and then animate it is a huge undertaking when you have absolutely zero experience of this stuff. But making two, gah. Every project starts with my saying "this time it will be small" but it never is. Anyway, enough of my ramblings. The character is skinned now, I want to make blendshapes to fix some stuff but he isn't looking all that bad really. Here are some screenshot of him possed.

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