~Transcription 6 - Sir Henry Courtney Modelling~

So I have begun to produce the model for Hal Courtney, I have produced concept arts for it. However my scanner is playing up, and I already uploaded a photograph of a sketch on the Schreuder post and it looks aweful!

Any way, I have a clear view in mind about how I want Hal Courtney to be. The book explains what he looks like, it's just a matter of taking what is in my head and making it. Any way, here is the modelling progress so far for Hal, woo!
What a day, been modelling with speed! Pretty much modelled a whole character in one day, I am pretty proud of myself right now. Granted, there was a touch of kit bashing from previous models of mine going on, but it's nothing different too what the industry professionals are doing.

Any way, I think Hal is looking cool about now :D

So I decided to step back, and rethink certain aspects. To keep it true to the time period, the way the book describes it, and to make him look more pleasing. Here is the result from the rethink, I think it is looking a lot more succesful now, and actually when I start to texture it it will start looking real nice. I showed a relative whom has read the book the model and concepts, and they were actually pleasently suprised as it was quite similar to what they were thinking.

Hals mannerisms will be that of a boy, fast and energetic. Where as Schreuder will be a well built man, and thus slower due to that. I think the contrast in the characters will be really noticeable and work well together.

Here is the screenshot:I am thinking of producing his cloak seperate, and animating him jumping onto the ship and dropping his cloak to the floor. As a heavy cloak isn't very practical when you want to sword fight. ^_^

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tutorphil said...

and so it begins... but remember to keep watching your own creative method carefully; attention to detail and visual reference/research is key; if you don't know what something is supposed to look like, or what colour it is, or what period it suits, chances are you've got a visual blindspot; if you hit a gap, go back to your visual research; formulate colour values/rules for your characters etc; I want a clear sense of your own rationale for designing the way you do; this must be more than just a technical exercise; think of yourself as a) casting director, b) costume designer, c) make-up artist, d) hair stylist, e) prop-designer/maker, f) art director, g) performance coach... and so the list goes on; on a film, each of these individuals would be working from a rationale given them by the production designer; separate disciplines all serving one goal - the making of worlds; be a perfectionist and, as importantly, be an ARTIST! Keep it up and I look forward to forthcoming updates... have fun! :-)

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