~Transcription 5 - Colonel Cornelius Schreuder~

I have begun concept art and character sheets for Schreuder. I shall post them here.
It has to be said that I am quite angry at myself currently, my drawing skills are so inconsistent. It angers me when I get lazy with drawing, and then when I need to produce some good conceptual art It's all over the place. Drawing is all about confidence, much like anything else, and certain aspects of my drawings just scream a certain lack of confidence and finese. I really want to become a better draftsman, but on top of everything else I barely find the time to really practice every single day. So right now I really don't know what I can do to improve that aspect of my work.

But alas, we can't be good at everything. Here are the concepts as I produce them:


tutorphil said...

Hi Jonny - you're right, confidence is a large part of it - also knowing what you want to accomplish with your drawings; you're using your drawing to get your imagination onto the page, and then using drawing to refine; for your info - some titles currently available in the UCA library; I suggest you make getting better at character drawing your 'summer project'

Creating characters with personality : for film, TV, animation, video games, and graphic novels, Bancroft, Tony, New York : Watson-Guptill ; Garsington : Windsor [2006.

Exploring character design, Hedgpeth, Kevin, Clifton Park : Thomson Delmar Learning, 2006

Force : character design from life drawings New ed., Mattesi, Michael D, Oxford, Focal, 2008

Character design : create cutting-edge cartoon figures for comicbooks, computer games and graphic novels, Patmore, Chris, London : A. and C. Black, 2005.

Jon Stewart said...

Thanks Phil, I shall check them out.

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