~Transcription 6 - Sir Henry Courtney Modelling 2~

21st April

I got started real late with any work today. It is nearly 4 am and I still want to produce more. But I best stop now and get some rest. Any way, Hal is more or less modelled now, I just need to lay out the UVs and texture. That will take one or two days max, and then onto modelling Schreuder.
Here are the updates!:

If a character is to be successful, it has to have an aesthetically pleasing silhouette. I believe my character has just that, and it is instantly very readable.

I have also been extremely careful with his Poly count. Not exceeding 8,000 which is pretty much the standard for modern day video game protagonists/antagonists. I spent 3,000 of these on the head, and a further 1,000 on his weapon. Meaning 4,000 was spent on the rest of the body. Not bad going really. I need to insert triangles into the arm bends, the shoulder bends and the knees. Like I have already done in the shoes. However I still have a hundred or so polys spare. So that will be plenty to do it. The reason for these triangles is to ensure better deformation when it is rigged. Here is the poly count below :)

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