~Simulated Environments 3part2 - Character Model~

I shall follow up with the modelling process on this post. As the previous one was getting too long. This will follow my steps in modelling the characters out fit. I have already spent 5 or so hours modelling some elements of it, and so I shall just post some of the screen shots I took on the way.
As you can see the characters coming along very nicely, still a lot too do but slowly getting there! There are a few issues worryin me however, and I need to kind of stop for the moment and try and resolve these issues. The thing with this character is, she is a sea dweller, a mermaid whom when she comes on land she magically changes into a human form. I want her outfit to represent this, with shells, pearls and what not. Somethings missing, and I need to figure it out. I also should note, that in the side of the legs you will see her skin, the trousers have a parting there held together by string. The legs will be an orangey colour with scales going up them. But what else is missing? Hmmm..

So I have been modelling hard for the past few hours. It's 11pm now, and the character is looking very much in a complete state now. I really like it, but I still want to add more. Here is what I have produced.

Did a little more, I am done for today now. Here is the result after a long day of modelling :

Bah, it is now 12;30 and despite saying I was done for the night, I still found myself reopening Maya and adding and tweaking it more. Getting addicted to this it seems. Here is the final result of the night, honest.

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tutorphil said...

Hi Jonny - I noticed your apology for posting 'dull blogs' - well, you are doing much to address this previous weakness; all I can say is just publish all your creative process - your methodology - get your drawings tided and uploaded, your visual reference, and more of your models as you slowly move towards completion; put simply, you want to create the kind of blog that you yourself would find exciting, insightful and exhaustive; you want to prove how much work goes into designing and refining even the smallest aspect of a character or environment - don't conceal a single process, nuance, or detail; your blog is a promotional weapon, after all! :-)

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