~Simulated Environments 3part3 - Character Model~


Okay, so I have started the texturing process. After laying out all of the UVs of course.
Also I have managed to produce the geometry and transparency maps for the hair. I shall post some images to show where I have progressed now, and then shall talk about them.

After discussing weapon choices with Phil I decided on a couple of designs. A dagger made from a large sea creatures tooth, and a bow also created from teeth and bones. I modelled these and began to lay out the Uvs for the character. After the UVs were laid out, I decided to make a start on the hair... Let me tell you, hair is hard! It has taken me the best part of today to get the hair to the level it is on now. Here are some screen shots of my trying to produce the hair.

So I got this far with the hair, and I decided that I really did not like it. I was really liking how her face was turning out, but the hair was just doing her no justice at all. So I decided to throw away a few hours work, and to start fresh with the hair... Boy I am glad I did because the latest hair style is looking quite nice now. Again, what follows are screen shots of my progress up to where I am.
This where I have gotten to. Her hair looks bland right now due to not having texture on there beyond just black. The transparency maps are nearly done, though I will probably tweak them her and there. Also her clothing textures are coming along now as well as you can see in one of the previous images. I think that I shall be done with the texturing process tomorrow.

Right now I am extremely worried with regard to the project. I decided to invest a large amount of the time on producing a character, mainly for my own benefit and so that I would be ready to produce one some what easily in the 15 week project. But as the time ticks away, I still have to rig and pose her, and produce a small environment for her to stand in. On top of that I have to produce concept art and other bits and pieces for the project. It's quite stressfull, and I really hope I can manage it.

Any way, back to work!

I had a huge problem yesterday, wherein I lost all the work I did. All of the hair was gone, and some of my texturing. I was mad, I have no idea where that file went but I scoured my Computer for it. So I had to take the loss, and begin the hair and redo the textures again. Though I am quite glad it happened, for the hair is looking a lot better now. It just lacks a texture and transparency map, and then aside from a few tweaks the character is actually complete. I shall post some updates to it now.

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tutorphil said...

Hi Jonny - okay, as everyone knows, I'm not the 'technical one' (apparently, according to a certain comment on a certain Facebook forum, I am the 'arty one'...), but I commend you for the amount of time and effort you're putting in to bring Seela to life; some advice though; my instincts tell me that, while putting your character into a dynamic pose is an ideal outcome, I think you've demonstrated enough commitment to the hard task of character design for Seela to be convincing as she is now; I know you have your own agenda here, and you want to see her through to completion, but I also urge you to ensure that the supporting aspects of your game concept are in place (I know you know this - and I don't want you to panic); I'm just keen that you should be able to 'talk' about your game concept, in support of your character design (and not the other way around). All of that said, the work you are doing now is going to transform your work in later projects; don't lose sight of that - and just keep going; this could be your finest hour! :-)

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