~Simulated Environments 3part1 - Character Model~

  • 21 / 03 / 2009

Today I woke up and the sun was blazing and I was in no mood to work. I just wanted to get outside and enjoy the nice weather for once. So I went out skateboarding with a few friends for some hours. Once I was exhausted I decided to come home and make a start on my head model for the main character.

One thing I discovered today, is not to come home from a hard skate and try to work. You quickly develop a headache and it's just impossible to form anything beyond the level of a 2 year old.

So I took a break, rested up and returned to my Computer to make another effort on the head model. It took me 5 or so attempts to even start producing anything worthwhile. I shall post the head development in screenshot steps, to show my work process.

At this point it should be noted that I am aware her face looks a bit thin, whilst her head looks a bit 'boulder' like. She also may be looking a bit masculine, I'm sure that is almost entirely due to the nose. I feel It is making rather nice progress in a matter of a few hours. Considering when I first sat down, well... I don't want to show the models of my first tries.
Another update, just pushing and pulling points really in order to try and make her feel more feminine. I think I am slowly getting there. I also included a screen shot of her smoothed, though this model is for a game design project and so the final outcome will not be smoothed due to the increase in Polys.
I decided here to move on to the body. I don't like to sit at the same model for too long at one time other wise I just can't produce anything worthwhile. I am rather proud of progress made today. I have done some rather swift modelling, and things are taking shape.
Fast progress is being made right now, in this screen cap you can see the orthographic views I am using to model the character base. These are courtesy of www.3D.sk.
First day of modelling done. Time to call it a night. I am happy with the progress I have made today, still a lot to get done though.


Well, what a day Sunday was...
I went to work, and slowly developed a killer headache, and I just felt really ill. I don't know what came over me, perhaps exhaustion or some such rubbish. Any way, I came home and went to sleep, there was no way I could produce anything in that state of mind. After waking, and feeling considerably better, I ate and watched a film. 'My Super Ex-Girlfriend', was rather amusing actually and it put me in a good state of mind to go and do some work! Woooo.

So I took it easy, and managed to finish off the head of the model. There are still a few tweaks here and there, pedantic things just to make the edge loops nicer. But other then that, It's time to move onto the hair...Joy of joys. I really am not looking forward too that.. Hmmm, Polygon modelled hair, or textured cards slotted together?? Time to experiment!!!

Oh, I had a pretty awesome idea whilst I was resting about how I could present this project. I was swaying toward the 10 slide, pretend you are selling a video game idea to a proper company idea... and well, I still am! However, I think PowerPoint presentations are dull, and so I have a rather cool idea to spice it up a bit, and in turn catch the eye and attention of prospective companies. Should be great if I can pull it off...

Wow, I am getting the hang of this blogging thing, it is pretty cool.. Apologies for the dull boring blogs prior to this Phil!! I'll try and improve:)

Any way, daily update on the character, as this is what this part of the blog is for, wooopsie, I digress tooooo easy.

Here we go then:
As I previously mentioned, I shall be using the Normal Smoothing method. As this is still a game concept project, and so Polygon counts should be kept too a minimum.

So this morning I woke up and fired up Maya. I was just messing around, wiping the sleep from my eyes and I came to a conclusion. I love 'Set Normal Angle' I actually prefer it to 'Smooth tool' I guess it is because it is so 'gamey' and I can identify the technique in all of my favourite game characters. On the left of the picture above is Set Normal Angle, and on the right is Smooth tool.

The next part of the process is here :
I decided to go to a new post, as this one was becoming too long.

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