~Transcription 1- Initial Idea (Dropped)~

Currently have the idea of taking the world and Aesthetic from the anime series "Full Metal Alchemist" and turning it into an MMORPG Game. So the story will not be used, just the general world that the story is contained in.

My idea is this:
Starts with a fight scene between two guys, battling it out with alchemy and weapons. But it keeps cutting to the feet of someone running. You eventually see this person is a girl and she runs out into the clearing wherein the two are fighting. She is wearing the same logo on her chest as one of the guys. It becomes clear they are part of the same "faction" as it were. As she runs into the clearing, her partner is down on one knee and the other guy, from another faction claps his hands and shots a fireball of some sort toward the kneeling victim. The girl claps her hands and shoots out some ice of some sort which intercepts the fire ball. The guy whom cast it realizes he is out numbers, lets out a sly smile and claps his hands and is gone. Teleported. The girl then walks up to her partner and puts her hand on his shoulder and looks up at the dark night sky.
The title appears :


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