~Transcription 2 - Initial Idea (Dropped)~

Had my first tutorial with Alan, and he stated that my idea wasn't strong for the fact that It's already graphical. So I'm to find some form of literature in order to transcribe, as someone whom isn't an avid reader of books I really have no idea where to go from here. Was really happy with my initial idea, and I had hoped that because I had only intended to use the world and general aesthetic of Full Metal alchemist, and not the characters and story, that I would be able to do that.
So now it's time to put in some further research and come up with another idea.


JAG said...

Im in exactly the same boat mate Im thinking of taking a trip to waterstones or somewhere and purchasing a booky to do my transcription on....

Alison said...

Look at poetry,there is a wide choice and usually very descriptive and most importantly ... open to interpretation

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