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Received the project brief today and Two words with which we have to build our project around.
The two themes of which I received were : "Magnetic Fields and Discovery Channel Documentary."

09 - 02 - 2009 :

Finished my Presentation for tomorrows Interam crit, screenshots of the presentation are to follow and will illustrate where I am going with this project.
14 - 02 - 2009

Phil seemed pleased with my presented idea at the Interam Crit, however shortly after I realized that some parts were weak. Namely the interface, and so I decided to change it a little. I also decided to remove the 2012 idea, and keep it so that it is more relevant to the Earths Magnetic Field. It makes more sense that way, and not to mention I find reading the 2012 theories borderline depressing.

So I restoryboarded my ideas and decided to just show exactly what Earths Magnetic Field does for us, and also what Earth would be like without it. I also decided to produce it as a 3 minute factual video that comes in between programs on Discovery channel. I name this "Discovery Bitesize", and it's intention is to briefly educate people on specific things. Mine being 'Discovery Bitesize : Earths' Magnetic Field.'

23 - 02 - 2009

Here are some Screen shots from the final piece:

25 - 02 - 2009

The final piece is located on Youtube here :


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