Character Design Project - Week 5.

This is the final week for my Character design. I have very much enjoyed the developing of my idea, and the experimenting with them. I also very much enjoyed my week with Justin, and have learnt a lot.

This week wasn't too hard, I have already finished my essay, and I know exactly what is needed for my characters. To sum up:

Character one (Evil of the two) (Gemma)

This character is sly, and steps over the line far too often. Without her twin sister she would very much be a villain. Her body language will suggest someone who is very strong and confident. Someone whom values brute force over all else. Her hair will be very pointy to add to this also. She can turn her fists into Iron (Mercury is the planet of Gemini, and Mercury's core is all Iron.) Her eyes will be looking off of the screen to show someone who can not be trusted. She will also be standing behind her sister, to give her sister more dominance.

Character Two (Good one of the two) (Anni)

This character is pure hearted, and her intentions are good. She loves her sister and so is steering her on the road of being good. She has to control her actions a lot in order to keep her out of a lot of trouble. Her body language will be very sleek and nice curvy lines, she will also have curly hair. She will be looking straight ahead toward the viewer to show confidence and someone who can be trusted. Again standing in front of her sister, showing that she is the leader.

With all of these elements it wasn't too hard to come up with a good concept. I storyboarded a few ideas, of scenes they could be in. Though I realized that this is character design, we weren't asked to develop a scene with some characters in there, so for the most part I dropped that.

Here are my two characters :

Gemma :

Anni :

I am very happy with what I have achieved, and I think I have managed to do what I set out to do. So on that part I believe that I am successful. I just hope that my grades reflect that.

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