Character Design Project - Week 4.

I tackled my essay this week. Initially I was stumped with ideas for this, and really did not know how I could tackle it. I researched for a good few hours on different subject areas, and then fell onto that of Silent Hill 2. Silent Hill 2 is a video game in which most of the characters, bar the protagonist are personifications of his inner thoughts, feelings and memories. It is very sexualized, very twisted and very warped. The majority of the monsters represent different facets in his own sexual frustrations and hatred for his fatally ill wife.

It was very enjoyable writing this essay, if a little depressive. To read the essay go here: (Note. Extract with WinRar)

I have also developed my idea this week even further. No longer are my two twins arch enemies, but they are both heroes. One of which does things in an unorthodox twisted, could be deemed evil way, whilst the other one has a clear view of what needs to be done and what's too far. So the good of the two neutralizes the eviler of the team and with her influence they fight crime. This also brings ventriloquism back into the design, the good of the two controls the more irrational of the two.

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