Project : Feed Me Robot!

Projects starting left right and center here! But I get a different vibe from these recent ones, it feels like excitement. Which is so much better than the usual dread I feel when starting up (or opening up) personal projects.

The book bag is sitting there ready for the next batch of baking. I got some great advice over on the Polycount forum, and I opted to re-UV it all and am ready to rebake the Normals and Occlusion but in a more sensible way. The test bakes all came back rather positive, so I'll be doing that at some point. I'm also thinking of adding a pair of pumps (or the 1910's equivalent) hanging from the bag, maybe some swimming goggles etc.

As for this model. I went to a gig last night for one of my favourite producers : Feed Me, and was in awe at his stage show once more ( I had seen him once before last year at a festival ). His show is wonderful, here's a photo I snapped near the end after I came out of the crowds near the front sweating and knackered.

I came away very inspired, but as I can't create music for shit; I decided to funnel that into creating some 3D! Certainly going to finish this up (and the feed me character that drives the robot) and I'm also thinking of a cheeky 3D print of it for my desk. Hopefully I can get away with that :P

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