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I couldn't manage to draw today, I just wasn't up to it. Instead of doing nothing, I decided that I wanted to model something that I could do in a reasonable amount of time (and finish!) It's not finished yet, I need to texture it; that's my next thing, but I wanted to share this because I'm super happy with it.

High res model tool about 1.5 hours to complete, whilst low polygon model, UV's and baking Normal maps took me about 6 hours or so. It was VERY difficult, and I struggled a lot. Feels good to get a reasonable result, though I'd imagine If I show this to someone who uses Normal maps every day they'd rip it apart. I'm happy though, really happy. Progress is always nice.

In the top left screen cap, the top left model is the low res with Normal maps and the bottom right is the High res I baked from. I had to explode the models into about 7 pieces and bake them one by one and then composite my Normal map in photoshop. The Normals are below.

I have >started< texturing the bag.

I instantly see resolution problems, which sucks, and honestly the texturing won't be as good as I would like. My texturing skills right now are quite weak, but I don't really mind so much, I gotta learn! Hopefully I can run some elements through crazy bump (things like stitching etc) to get some nicer results too.

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