Digital Paint Challenge - 01

I managed to do the First digital paint challenge.. albeit a little late. I want to get the Second one done tomorrow at some point. Just didn't manage to get to it sooner. 

This was hard, I don't visualise things in abstract shapes very well. It's actually quite frustrating to do so. I've always imagined crazy visuals, atmospheres, moods. This music instantly makes me imagine rain, clock towers, an old cobbled street. So my first 'attempt' was rather poor. I've posted it below, but it's not great.

I then tried to visualise those things I mentioned before, and tried to think of them as 'abstract shapes'.
Whilst I didn't add things like Cobblestone and Clock towers, I was rather enjoying the look of this one and as it's getting late I decided to stick with it.

So here is what I have for the First Challenge. It might be too late now though :D




tutorphil said...

Hey Jon - it's never too late! But I don't think you've got a dropbox invite yet to the CGAA Alumni folder? I'll get Tom to invite you - and then you can just copy them across as per everyone else. Nice to have you on board!

Jon Stewart said...

Yeah, get him to give me an invite Phil.

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