Bah, I managed to make this post and then delete it right away.. somehow. Sometimes my hand just does things and I sit there watching thinking "eh?".. (no, not a euphemism!)


I've been doing a lot of 2D drawing lately. Mostly studying and trying to learn the fundamentals that I never bothered to learn because I perceived them as either 'too boring' or because I just didn't want to admit that I sucked at those things. Regardless, here I am now, making a last ditch effort to try and catch up. I'm enlisting the help of Jono Pearmain to hopefully give me some advice and input on this stuff.

I've got to get a Scanner sorted (today hopefully) and I'll be able to make a massive post with a lot of my studies on there. I'm going to make a point to post the awful stuff too, because that's the only way I'm going to progress. Usually I post drawings that I feel are good enough to show, but behind those drawings are a handful of truly awful sketches (which is probably normal, but I need to start showing them).

I'm struggling with certain areas. Whilst I understand how to construct arms and legs with the Cylinder primitive technique (see this basic example below which blew my mind - But Jon, that's obvious stuff; I know.. but I never stopped to really think about it before!) In the below example, the vertical lines are duplicated, I only changed the caps of the cylinders. Just changing those makes it seem like it's going away or coming forward. This is really important, a lot of my old drawings of figures really were vague sometimes as to which direction limbs were pointing in, and that was a problem.One of the hardest things I'm struggling with is to think of these things in terms of volume and primitives, and draw them that way, instead of trying to capture volume with just lines.

Okay, so as I said; I haven't got a scanner sorted to show this stuff yet. So why am I posting? Well I decided to photograph one of my more favourite sketches and digitally illustrate how I am approaching this. Hopefully some people can give me input ( I need it ) - Whilst my understanding of limbs are fine, It's the torso , pelvis and spine that still cause me problems. I'm a bit stuck as to how to turn these into simple primitives. I'm also finding it very tough right now to balance thinking about proportion, anatomy and perspective all at the same time. Often times I end up with a massive head, or short legs or some such proportional error. That is really frustrating. I'll need to work on this. 
So here's the sketch and digital sketch. (Note, there's an issue with the extended leg, wherein how I've constructed the cylinders makes it read as 'going away from viewer' this isn't correct. As the original point would make it come 'towards the viewer' - this shows what I previously mentioned)


Also, for fun, I decided to try and continue the sketch on. I completely lost it somewhere there. Losing the under drawing, the head and torso completely went the wrong way. In the initial sketch, the curve of the torso makes the body appear to be going away from the viewer. The final sketch feels as if it's coming forward. The same is true with the head. It shows my lack of experience here, really, but at least my understanding of it is developing and hopefully that means it will start to improve. 

Hopefully tonight I'll have a barrage of sketches to show. Hopefully if I can get a scanner sorted that is. 

Cheers. Let's hope this one doesn't delete.


Speed paint stuff to follow tonight too ;)

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