I interviewed for a job at an Architecture and Lighting design company whom are planning to branch out to some CG related stuff in the future. They've just taken on a CG job and thanks to the awesome Liam Scarlino (Whom works there) for recommending me for the job, i've been hired for a 1-2 month contract to do all of the CG related stuff.

Daunting stuff. Big project and I'm the guy that's producing all of the CG assets. Hopefully it goes well!

Interviewed this morning and ended up working there for the rest of the day.

Very handy too as the job asks that I'll be in the Studio one day a week and the other four I can work from home. Meaning I don't have to worry about a 4-5 hour commute every day! 

I'm on a week or so trial period. Fingers crossed it all goes well!



Tom Beg said...

Grats, Jon. :-)

Simon Holland said...

Well done Buddy, that is brilliant news may .... to infinity and beyond.

tutorphil said...

Bloody great news, Jon :) Couldn't be any happier for you - 'be amazing'! :)

Molly Bolder said...

Yeeeeaaah! About time someone snapped you up! :D

Alan Postings said...

Well done Jonny!!!! About f$%#ing time ;) Make the most of it and do good work - impress them!

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