A pose

Wow, so today I had to relearn Skinning in its entirety. Still a bit to go really, but I feel like I've picked it all back up again. 

I'm running into an issue with my joints in the spine though, when I try to rotate them Maya is very slow and sluggish to update with the rotates. Everything else works just fine, and It's not a computer issue because it works on a top level machine too (tested it). So something in the skin or parenting is buggered. Regardless, I didn't want to waste all those hours of skinning and get nothing out of it. So here we are, here's a pose at least. I'm LOVING the attitude I'm getting from her in the front view. Sexy and loads of attitude. I'll try and figure out the weird problem I'm having but I may end up having to reskin again. But that's cool, I'll learn even more this way.

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Jason Welch said...

I saw this on polycount. She's pretty awesome looking. love all the tools and stuff you gave her. Can't help you with all the rigging and skinning issues.

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