Look how amazing viewport 2.0 is

This is incredible. Just tried out Viewport 2.0 in Maya 2013 with a 16gb Ram, i7 3770k ivybridge system and look how stupidly amazing the models in the viewport looks. With real time motionblur, Anti-Aliasing and ambient occlusion, it makes looking at things in the viewport much sharper and gives them much more pop. All of this with a ZERO.. yes ZERO frame rate drop/performance drop over the default viewport. Why would you ever use Default viewport again? Stunning. You could effectively playblast render your stuff. It also supports texturing and bump mapping in real time. Sooo excited!


Snowman said...

Looks amazing. Shame more graphics cards aren't supported.

Jon Stewart said...

It's probably more that they can't handle it. It's quite crazy really. This is 16x Anti Aliasing and Ambient Occlusion in real time man. That's mental. My computer can't handle it, having to use Molly's new rig haha.

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