Yes yes, it's a girl.. again.
Not too concerned about the gender of my creations currently. Only that I actually begin to do something.

Here's a character that I lost motivation for (just like everything else) but I seem to have found motivation through someone else pushing me, so here we go, let's hope it continues. Approx. 20 hours or so into this.

Plan of action: Finish her. Upgrade Claire to suit (new hair, more detailing, fix the lame one dimensional texturing) make a male character / anatomy study. Put it into a new showreel/folio, drop everything else from my previous reel, try my luck again.

Hopefully I can execute this plan and achieve it within 2-3 months. 

Thanks for looking.


Molly Bolder said...

I think that sounds like a great plan! You can definitely achieve it too with the amount of progress you've made in such a small space of time already.

I really love the detail in her legs. That little flesh squeeze from the straps and stuff is really nice! :D

I think that her, combined with your male character/anatomical study and a tweaked version of Claire would be a great example of your skills. I can't wait to see what comes next, you just keep on going! :D

Nat Urwin said...

Jon- I think you should thank Molly for that 'Push' :P

Jon Stewart said...

Haha Nat.
She is the unmentioned motivator of course; and she has been thanked. :)

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