Activity 2

Todays progress. Got a fair amount done today, mostly clean up and figuring parts out. She's changed from her original design a hell of a lot, but I like her like this. She's become more of a sci-fi futuristic mechanic girl.


tutorphil said...

Jon! Sorry - I DID get your email, and no, I'm not ignoring you, and nor should you take my radio silence as a lack of concern or interest in the content of that email - it's just life etc. getting in between me and some of the emails to which I should be responding. We WILL organise some beer time in the near future, Jon - that's a promise :)

Oh - and it's great to see you making work; 'making work' is really important - so make more of it, and post more often!

BaZe said...

Cool stuff, dude! Really cute face, looking forward to seeing some detail-work! Gief!

Wish I had time.. bla bla.. [insert excuse] to make personal stuff, but [insert blame]

Jon Stewart said...

Hey Phil. Not to worry, I imagined it'd be something to do with that. When you're ready / have the time is cool. Thanks for the message.

Seb, that's the thing man, I'm lucky in that I have some free time currently to be able to do this stuff, but I was too stupid to realise that I should make the most of it. Hopefully I will now, and then I can get myself an industry job off the back of it (I HOPE! :D)

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