New URL for Portfolio

I bought a URL for my portfolio, so I've updated the one I have to be linked too :

I plan to overhaul that website completely along with posting my showreel. That should all be coming up next week some time. As you can see I have updated my personal development blog (this one) to be a lot cleaner and sleeker. I'm a big fan of basic and clean websites. I hope I can make my portfolio blog a lot more cleaner, professional and user friendly. Along with my name and email address on every image on the website. If people are like me, in that I save pictures I like all the time to an inspiration folder, it'll be nice for them in the case of potential employers to know where and whom the image is from.

I was planning to combine a portfolio and blog into one website, but decided against it. Instead on the new portfolio website I shall have a 'blog' tab that will lead straight into this one. That way people won't have to refollow me or anything.

So add that website to your favourites for the update next week! ;')

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Sam Hayes said...

Good Luck with it Jon. It's already looking really impressive.

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