tutorphil said...

Hey Jon - it's been an age, I know. I've finally got my broadband back, so I'm more sociable and responsive now. I'm liking the new look of your blog/branding. Did you say Dave's spread in Digital Arts? As Simon Holland and I both commented, you should be pushing for that kind of exposure too. I think it was interesting that Dave's 'style' got him the attention, and I'd LOVE to see you experiment - and do something that scares you a bit. Anyway, you've got the skills - you just need to grab the world's attention. I'm still in talks with Mike etc. about the blog/teaching thing. I haven't forgotten about it - or you :-) Are you coming to Anifest tomorrow in Canterbury? They're screening 'An Audience With' and Dave will be there; google Anifest 2010. I'll be there, + Alan + some of the CGAA students.

Jon Stewart said...

Hey Phil, it's great too hear from you. I'm glad you're in your new place with internet, how is it being on the property ladder?

I was talking to Pol about the very same thing. I'm thinking of sending Medusa in, I've grown to appreciate that piece of work as time has gone by. Maybe soon she will be able to enter my room again, instead of being relegated to my landing.

Canterbury fest, are you there all day? I was thinking of attending the part with the screenings later in the afternoon. I'll have to see about trains and what not tomorrow and see what I can do.

To be honest I've been feeling a bit disconnected recently and a bit lost. Life's too easy sitting here doing nothing, it's not particularly good. it's too easy to become stuck and not challenge yourself. I'm working to fix this.

My showreel will be ready by Wednesday (render times are a factor at the moment) after this Pol and I are working on a project. Script is being written. A blog will be up eventually for people to check out.

You got my email regarding the teaching then? As I said, I would be grateful for the oppurtunity to work with you guys, anything from being Alans asset modelling bitch to blog posting or anything is fine by me.

tutorphil said...

'The Property Ladder' :-(

I've never thought of it that way - I'm not very money-orientated, and I keep forgetting how old I am (35, but I feel 10 years younger in my head), but everyone seems to approve of my move into 'adulthood'. I've been having lots of phonecalls about sofas/bathroom tiles/roof quotes! Life is rock and roll :-) In truth, it's a very nice house; at some point maybe, I'll organise a seaside bus trip for the 'class of 2010'...

I KNEW you were feeling a bit blue; you weren't posting as much. Jon - create your own buzz - get back in the ring! It's exciting to hear you and Pol and gearing up for another collaboration. I owe Pol an email; tell him to watch his inbox...

Take care of yourself, and for God's sake, put Medusa in your room where she belongs! :-)

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