Claire Kiiro - Ambient Occlusion Test

So with my show reel comes the need to have various turn arounds and what not of Claire. This time, however, I'm going to make full use of Ambient Occlusion to really pump up the visuals. Here's a little test:

Some problems and tweaks that need to be done. The AO Map for some reason didn't fit on the Beauty render. I must have zoomed in with the camera accidently. No matter, it shows that the AO map will make it a lot nicer visually. Here's a render without the AO :

The Occlusion in the first render needs lowering a bit.

My next task is getting transparency working with Ambient occlusion renders. You can achieve this with a shader called mia_fg_occlusion. But it will take some figuring out.

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Pol Winandy said...

If you get the mia_fg_occlusion to work, make a quick guide for me :P.

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